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IS an human factors and knowledge management company. Our psychologists, educators, designers and technologists are devoted to building new bridges between the power of the computer and the human capacity for learning. Our ongoing research into efficient, natural human learning is best expressed in the products we create to make learning easier; "Software for the Human Operating System".

"Software for the Human Operating System".™

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....But we are revamping the entire SoftOlogy site in order to serve you better in the near future. We felt a new site was warranted for the release of our exciting new line of products, the tools to help you supercharge your personal, educational and corporate productivity goals.

Please visit www.RapidReader®.com to see and try a FREE DEMO of SoftOlogy's patented RapidReader 4.0 or try RapidReader for Palm and EPOC 5 formats. RapidReader is an automated speed reading software that will immediately multiply your on-screen reading speed. See the new generation of the amazing software that allows you to triple your reading speed on a computer in just 90 seconds. It is a true "Information Accelerator" and quite simply is, "The fastest way to read on a computer." Knowledge Management Magazine says "RapidReader has a well thought out interface that flawlessly sucks data from other programs such as web Browsers and text editors." and then displays it to you so you can comprehend it at speeds of up to 800 words per minute or more.

Additonally, site also contains information and resources for educators, students and to serve the needs of those with learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia, the physically challenged and those with visual impairments. In a recent study conducted by SoftOlogy at the University of Southern California, RapidReader was shown to significantly improve comprehension for populations dignosed with learning disabilities. The RapidReader product is also available in "BigType" version, which provides a new kind of assistive technology for those with visual impairments.

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